Express Entry- Get it straightaway with a perfectly crafted ‘Employer Reference Letter’

Have you got the ITA and you are getting worried about all sorts of questions that you have regarding presenting your experience documents in the best possible manner?

All you are required to do is present your work done so far including your role and position in the previous organizations you’ve worked with, testified by your employer. Here are some of the critical points which you may include in your ‘Employer Reference Letter’ in order to make sure you get deserving credits for the work you’ve done.

Express Entry applications are often rejected owing to the submission of deficient reference letters by the applicant especially at the PR stage. However, it is hard to specify what exactly IRCC takes into consideration as every case could be different however here are some of the critical components that must be included in every Employer Reference Letter so that the applicant may get awarded with the credits, he/she is entitled to.

  • Letterhead: It is necessary that the letter given is prepared on the company letterhead. In the case of Government jobs where letterheads are not used ensure to have complete office address and phone numbers on the letter.
  • Company’s Contact: It is mandatory for the applicant to provide full details of all the companies he/she has worked with, along with additional details as follows:
    • Full Address
    • Contact
    • Official Email
    • Website Link
    • QR Code of the company (if any)
  • Signature of the immediate supervisor/employer: It is MUST get the letter signed with a job title and contact information of the person signing the letter. It is very important to get the letter stamped at the bottom.
  • Specify all the previous roles and positions that may include the following:
    • Job Title
    • Occupation Code (NOC Code)
    • Detailed briefing over the duties/responsibilities you carried during your working tenure
    • Start date and finish date of employment
    • Current Job Status
    • Duration of your services
    • Number of hours you worked /week
    •  Salary
    • Additional Perks

To prepare a fairly good reference letter is a task that needs patience and quality input.

Hope this answered lot of your questions.

Good luck !!!!