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Work Permit

A person who wants to work in Canada must obtain a work permit.

Requirements for issuance of a work permit

    • Must Leave Canada by the end of the period authorized under the visa.
    • Must have a genuine offer of employment and that offer’s result must have a neutral or positive effect on the labour market in Canada.

There is two step process before an applicant can successfully obtaining a work permit in Canada. Once ESDC has approved your job offer, the employer will send a copy of the ESDC LMIA confirmation letter to the temporary foreign worker and he or she can proceed to apply for a work permit from CIC. In order to obtain the LMIA, the employer needs to submit a foreign worker application.

  1. Positive Labour Market Impact Assessment from Employment and Social Development Canada, and
  2. Application for a Work Permit to CIC.

Our Team of experts is well trained to handle the most complicated applications. In case you have an Employer ready to hire you in Canada, our office can assist the Employer in processing the LMIA Application, OR if you already have a positive LMIA Application we shall be more than happy to assist you with the work permit Application.

Contact our experts to check if you fall under any of the LMIA Exempt or work permit exempt categories too. Email us at info@swicimmigration.ca